Servers & Storage Systems

NetSolutions Ltd is an IBM Premier Business Partner, and can design and implement suitable and costeffective infrastructure from the broad range of servers and storage from the IBM stable.

 These include the: IBM System Z mainframes running Linux, IBM POWER servers running AIX, Linux or IBM i, and scalable to 256 processors and 16TB of memory.

IBM Cluster Implementation & Support:

To protect the infrastructure installed in our client sites, we offer the following solutions:

IBM Identity & Access Management that allows organizations to not only know the people using compute resources, but also automate user privileges lifecycle across the enterprise and enable single sign-on enterprise wide.

IBM Tivoli Key lifecycle Manager provides a solution to handle encryption keys for accessing protected data by authorized users

IBM Infosphere Guardium Suite solution provides a way to monitor and control access to most databases even for privileged users

IBM Security Site Protector System to give your security administrators a clear view of all endpoints and ensuring that they comply with all enterprise security policies IBM Endpoint Manager which provides an automated and policy driven platform to protect endpoints from malware before it can exploit vulnerabilities, personal firewall, file and web reputation, and data loss prevention. IBM QRadar solution is a Security Intelligence and Events Monitor, SIEM, and provides for a way to collate, sort and identify events reported by other devices and services that might require further investigation and intervention. IBM Security Network Intrusion Prevention System appliances provide a way to protect business critical assets from malicious cyber threats


Storage Sub-Systems include

DS8870 Enterprise storage servers with up to 3PB of storage space/system including an all-flash configuration for high performance accessible over SAN or iSCSI.

System XIV Enterprise storage servers with up to 485TB of storage space/system accessible over SAN, iSCSI or NAS IBM Flashsystem v9000 with up to 456TB scale out storage space of all-flash storage accessible over SAN or iSCSI.

IBM Storwize v7000 with up to 480TB of storage space accessible over SAN, iSCSI or NAS IBM physical and virtual tape libraries, TS3500, TS3310 and Protectier TS7700 to provide a means of performing removable backups and archiving

Systems Management & Backups

IBM’s solution for data protection and recovery is called IBM Spectrum Protect. This solution allows for an enterprise to perform a policy-driven protection of an organization’s critical data. Spectrum Protect can store data in a variety of media, and also provide reports confirming that policy is being followed IBM Spectrum Control is the solution used for the implementation and administration of heterogeneous storage sub-systems, both disk and tape. IBM SmartCloud Application Performance Manager is used for monitoring and taking corrective actions on the health of servers, storage, databases and applications.


Oracle Real Application Clusters

Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) is a clustered version of Oracle Database based on a comprehensive high-availability stack that can be used as the foundation of a database cloud system as well as a shared infrastructure, ensuring high availability, scalability, and agility for any application.


Cloud infrastructure services, known as (infrastructure as a service) IaaS are self-service models for accessing , monitoring, managing remote center infrastructures such as compute (virtualized or bare metal), storage , networking and networking services(e g. Firewall )Instead of having to purchase the hardware outright , users can purchase IaaS based on consumption , similar to electricity


Platform as a Service (PaaS) :

Platform as a service are used for applications and other development whiles providing cloud components to software.

Developers gain PaaS as a framework, they can build upon to develop or customize applications.

PaaS makes the development, testing and deployment of applications quick, simple and cost effective. with this technology, Netsolutions Ghana limited can manage OSes, virtualization, servers, storage, networking and PaaS software itself. Netsolutions Ghana Limited however manages applications.

Oracle Database 12c

Oracle Database 12c introduces a new multitenant architecture that makes it easy to consolidate many databases quickly and manage them as a cloud service.

Oracle Database 12c also includes in-memory data processing capabilities delivering breakthrough analytical performance. Additional database innovations deliver new levels of efficiency, performance, security, and availability.

Oracle Database 12c comes in three editions to fit your business needs and budget: Enterprise Edition, Standard Edition, and Standard Edition One.