AIX & Linux Implementation & Support

NetSolutions has a deep bench of highly skilled experts certified and tested in the implementation and support of IBM’s AIX, Redhat Linux and Suse Linux. We have implemented various versions of these operating systems on the smallest single socket servers to the largest enterprise p795 frames with hundreds of virtualized environments. Our support is available at all hours either onsite or via remote access technology.


IBM Cluster Implementation & Support

Enterprises desirous of providing service in a global economy must have highly available and resilient infrastructure. Although hardware has become a lot more reliable, the actual business solution running on the hardware can suffer from a myriad of problems that can easily lead to service unavailability. To guard against this, the IBM infrastructure cluster is usually deployed, and here again NetSolutions Ltd provides the very best personnel to implement and support a cluster solution.


System & Application Management:

In today‚Äôs 24-hour economy, enterprises providing services must proactively and in a timely manner, identify and fix issues militating against service delivery. IBM’s solution to achieve this is known as SmartCloud Application Performance Manager and here again, NetSolutions Ltd has substantial experience implementing and supporting this suite.


Data Recovery &
Business Continuity

Business imperatives and regulatory requirements usually mandate data retention for a certain period of time, and also the need for service continuity in the event of any level of catastrophe involving IT infrastructure. Various methods exist to achieve this, including clustering, both infrastructure and application, and also replication again either at the storage or at the application level. With such a diversity of approaches toward achieving business continuity and data recovery, it is important for tailored solutions for each client. NetSolutions Ltd has unparalleled experience within the region for architecting and implementing such solutions.


IT Security Consultancy & Implementation

An unfortunate fact of life is that levels of crime in society will always increase proportionately to the degree of freedoms enjoyed and the expected payback. The World Wide Web is nothing if not a vast, mostly unregulated territory offering relative anonymity, and consequently offers most of the elements necessary for the unsolvable crime. Effectively protecting ourselves in such an environment will always involve technology, processes and people. NetSolutions Ltd has several years of experience in designing, building, monitoring and administering IT security infrastructure


IT Security Consultancy & Implementation

At the heart of every Enterprise business automation system is a database. A good enough number of these are from the Oracle stable. Our Services for Oracle databases are tailored to provide core infrastructure with active data management in support of holistic Enterprise Performance Management (EPM). Active data management ensures availability, accuracy, completeness, scalability, security, and timeliness of data at a time when data volumes and variety are growing exponentially. These services empower our clients with fact based, actionable insights to help them meet daily challenges